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Our Technology

Our technological innovation, which is covered by the patent, enables the device to send a signal outside. This function can be realized thanks to a mechanism based on various components of smart algorithms (which the company created).


Our Team

Our team consists of powerful serial entrepreneurs who have built cutting-edge tech companies with millions of users.
Our goal is to create and commercialize a revolutionary personal security invention that will save the lives of millions of people worldwide.


How it works

GuardiansApp was developed with community security in mind, allowing certain members of your network to be alerted via a message sent from your device if you require help or are in trouble.

Every individual community member who downloads the application can choose to become a guardian, free of charge.

Within the application, the user chooses from a variety of available “circles of defense”; their own guardians according to their preference and the situation: a circle of family members and friends, a circle of community members, or a 24/7 professional worldwide control center (for an additional payment) which can respond if another guardian isn’t available. These “circles of defense” provide immediate layers of protection to offer assistance during an incident or when the individual feels as if they’re in danger.

Incident or when the individual feels as if they’re in danger.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a personal security app with the world’s most advanced user experience.

ClickNow. Live Technologies LTD under the Guardiansapp trademark makes it simple for any business to offer its community an advanced mobile app solution for personal safety.

For business


We provide our clients with Guardiansapp under a private label/API.

By providing cutting-edge technology that will increase the safety of everyone in our community, we aim to make Guardiansapp accessible on every mobile device in the world.


Guardiansapp is now available via our SDK to integrate into partner apps to further increase the safety of your users, customers, employees and their families.



Increase safety and reduce risk for your policyholders.


You offer your customers a tool to improve their own and their family’s personal security.

According to "The Health of Millennials", a 2019 study on a model of 55 million Americans that looked at diseases on file within 3 years, the primary cause of health issues that result in mortality is worry/stress. The use of Guardiansapp is a creative approach that aims to give your customers a greater sense of security, lessen their unwarranted concerns, and equip them with an intelligent tool that will only warn them of dangerous situations when absolutely necessary.